With TomTom’s Orbis Maps – using state-of-the-art mapping and location technology – maps can be built consisting of many layers, such as a base map, supplemented by (proprietary business) data and data related to visualization, routing, traffic and interesting or useful locations. With updates every 30 seconds, TomTom ensures accurate and up-to-date maps, which is essential for real-time automotive solutions, for example.

Through this TomTom platform, all participating parties can use and specially tailor maps for their specific needs or applications. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, participants maintain full control over their business information.

The innovative technology behind TomTom Orbis Maps has overcome complex, technical integration challenges and formed a structure that allows seamless alignment and collaboration of multiple datasets. This approach not only unifies geodata in a single database, but also creates an open base map that can be continuously updated and built upon. That capability is crucial for real-time automotive applications. The maps provide important data for such things as ridesharing, fleet management, electric mobility and, most importantly, autonomous driving. Orbis Maps paves the way for innovative mobility solutions.