The Dutch automotive sector in facts and figures

The Dutch automotive sector is tough and innovative, and we are leading the world. Did you know, for example, that chips from NXP Semiconductors can be found in every car around the globe? That dozens of mobility concepts took their first steps in the Netherlands? And that Dutch companies are major suppliers of auto parts, electrical engineering, metal and chemicals? 90% of everything we make is exported. The automotive sector, therefore, has a major impact on our economy. The sector employs around 100,000 people and brings in at least 90 billion euros a year. This page shares additional facts and figures about the sector.

The Dutch automotive sector in images

Facts & figures

Fact sheet on the Dutch automotive sector

The Dutch automotive sector is strong and versatile, and it's looking more powerful than ever. Together, the manufacturing industry and the services industry account for annual revenues of at least 90 billion euros. The sector's success can partly be attributed to our country's excellent educational system and to our considerable innovative capacity. This useful fact sheet presents a few key facts and figures about the sector. Read more

Roland Berger analysis

The global automotive industry is in full transition: countless new mobility initiatives and services are being embraced every day. The Netherlands has been at the forefront of this field for years thanks to its position as the cradle of several new technologies and its flexible regulation. However, the most recent edition of Roland Berger's Automotive Disruption Radar study reports that the Dutch are being rapidly outpaced by Asian competitors. Read more