Automotive Innovation Award Foundation

The Netherlands is a world player in innovation in the automotive sector. But its innovations are rarely, if ever, visible. How do we put them in the spotlight? And how can we further reinforce this innovative capacity? The ANWB, AutomotiveNL, BOVAG, LeasePlan, RAI Vereniging and Roland Berger are taking this challenge on. These six organizations have joined forces in the Automotive Innovation Award Foundation to present prestigious awards to promising innovations, offering Dutch companies a platform to meet each other, exchange knowledge, and start new partnerships.


Marga de Jager

Managing board, ANWB

“Innovations come with opportunities. They keep you sharp and make sure things pick up speed. The ANWB recognizes the importance of innovation and is pleased to offer a platform for creative thinkers with promising innovations.”

Leo Kusters

Director, AutomotiveNL

“Innovation plays a major role in the automotive industry. The Automotive Innovation Award is an exciting way to bring attention to the many innovations that come out of the Netherlands, and it is a way for us to further strengthen this fantastic, growing sector.”

Peter Niesink

Managing Director, BOVAG

“The automotive sector has made enormous progress in the areas of emissions, safety and smart mobility concepts. It is an unbelievably innovative sector. It is time to put it in the spotlight.”

Berno Kleinherenbrink

Senior Vice President, LeasePlan Corporation N.V.

“Mobility has to become smarter, cleaner and more efficient. We need to embrace and encourage the innovative capacity of the sector, and bring market players, private and public, together.”

Olaf de Bruijn

Director, RAI Association

“To future-proof mobility, we need innovative solutions. This is one of the strengths of the Dutch automotive supplier industry. We are pleased to offer these innovations a platform.”

René Seyger

Partner, Roland Berger

“Over the coming decades, mobility demand will be structurally met in other ways. Passenger preferences are changing and technology developments are accelerating. Players and regions that embrace and adopt this are going to reap the benefits for the economy and mobility.”

Klaas-Willem van Ommen

Director, Automotive Innovation Award Foundation

“The Automotive Innovation Award Foundation aims to offer a platform for the sector’s countless innovations, to strengthen the sector’s innovative capacity, and to promote public-private cooperation between governments, research institutes and the automotive sector.”


Klaas-Willem van Ommen

Director, Automotive Innovation Award Foundation

As director of the foundation, responsible for spreading the award’s message and for recruiting partners and other parties to enter their innovations.

Christel Janssen

Director, Communicatiebron

An enthusiastic project leader responsible for all communications and the organization of the event, culminating in the awards ceremony on February 11, 2019.

Jurre Nitert

Senior Consultant,
Roland Berger

A driven project leader responsible for the entire jury process, ensuring that the independent jury can do its job effectively.