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We are proud of all of our winners, but we are also proud of the hundreds of entries that are sent in to these prestigious awards. Our wall of fame presents the winners over the years. The album (with both photos and film) gives a good impression of the festive awards ceremony that is held during the exclusive automotive innovation dinner.

Wall of fame

Winner Grand Prize and Category Accessibility, 2024

TomTom’s Orbis Maps won both the grand prize for the innovation with the greatest impact and the award for Accessibility.

Winner Category Sustainability, 2024

LeydenJar received the award in the Sustainability category for its work to develop an anode – the minus pole of a battery – made from pure silicon.

Winner Category Sustainability, 2024

Total Safety Solutions won the award for Safety with its Emergency Plug® for electric vehicles

Winner Category Student Award, 2024

InMotion, with students from TU Eindhoven, won the Student Award for developing the Next Generation Battery Pack, the fastest charging battery pack in a race car in the world.

Ebusco 3.0

Winner: Technology category, 2021

In the Technology category, Ebusco 3.0 was the winner. Due to the use of composite materials, this electrically powered bus is 33 percent lighter than a conventional bus.


Winner: Services category, 2021

PowerD, a smart charging solution, has won in the Services category. PowerD guarantees one hundred percent charging energy from sustainable sources and relieves drivers and fleet managers.


Winner: Technology category, 2019

In the Technology category, the jury had to choose from a strong field of participants with a sometimes fundamentally different character. The winner is Punch Powertrain with DT2, a cost-effective new and compact transmission system that works with various hybrid engines.

Lightyear One

Winner: Challenging Concepts category, 2019

In the Challenging Concepts category, featuring promising innovations in the concept phase and ideas from up-and-coming top talent, the award was won by Lightyear One’s Lightyear, the world’s first commercial “native” solar panel-powered car.


Winner: Services category, 2019

In the Services category, with innovations in sharing and service concepts, data collection and data management, Monotch wins with TLEX, a platform that connects roadside equipment with road users for real-time information exchange about the traffic situation.

Lightyear One

Winner: Audience Award, 2019

In addition to three the winners that were chosen by the professional jury, we introduced the audience award this year. Also won by the Lightyear One from Lightyear.

NXP Radarchip

Winner: Technology category, 2017

The winner in the Technology category is NXP Semiconductors with the radar chip. This chip recognizes objects while driving and warns or even intervenes in case of danger: a major step toward autonomous driving.

TomTom On-Street Parking

Winner: Services category, 2017

In the Services category, TomTom takes home the prize for TomTom On-Street Parking, a useful tool to help drivers easily find parking spots.

Dutch Green Carbon

Winner: Challenging Concepts category, 2017

In the category Challenging Concepts, the title goes to Dutch Green Carbon – green carbon black. This concept produces environmentally friendly, .


First winner of the inaugural Automotive Innovation Award, 2015

The inaugural Automotive Innovation Award in 2015 went to the company MobyPark. On the website www.mobypark.com, drivers can reserve an affordable parking spot in several Dutch cities, as well as in Paris and Brussels.

Photo Impression

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