Network of companies and organizations strengthening
innovative capacity

Several different parties are involved in the Automotive Innovation Award. The initiators ANWB, BOVAG, LeasePlan, RAI Automotive Industry NL, RAI Vereniging and Roland Berger call on other prominent players to contribute to broadcasting and strengthening the innovative capacity of the automotive sector. We are proud of our ambassadors who frequently spread this message. And also of the parties which have shared their innovations with us and with the public in previous editions. Companies and organizations that wish to support this initiative can reserve a table at the awards dinner on Monday September 20th 2021 for a fee.



Jan Peter Balkenende

Chair of the Automotive Innovation Award jury

"Radical transition, big data, new economies and climate change demand innovation, demand sustainable development. The Netherlands is a world player in innovation in the automotive sector. Development and innovation are our masterpieces. With the Automotive Innovation Award, we want to join forces to give the sector the stage it deserves."

Geert Vermeer

Former BOVAG union chair and one of the founding fathers of the Automotive Innovation Award

"At the presentation of the Automotive Innovation Award, companies and organizations from several different backgrounds and expertise come together. This leads to interaction and groups strengthening each other. I expect new partnerships will be formed, thanks in part to the Automotive Innovation Award."

Marc Hendrikse

Spokesperson, High Tech Systems and Materials top sector

"The automotive industry has entered a disruptive phase. Alternative drive systems, autonomous driving, new business models, etc. make big innovations necessary. The Dutch tradition of joining forces and working together is very useful here. The Automotive Innovation Award gives an excellent boost to this process."