LeydenJar focuses on battery technology for electric cars and is working on the development of an anode (a component of a battery) made of pure silicon, which can achieve a 70% higher energy density.

Modern society requires electric vehicles with longer driving times and shorter charging times. LeydenJar Technologies offers this possibility by developing batteries with the highest energy density in the world, using silicon anodes. The highest capacity, lightning-fast charging capabilities and reduced environmental impact make LeydenJar’s anodes indispensable for the new generation of automotive batteries. The secret lies in the ultra-thin, pure silicon anode (minus pole) developed by LeydenJar, which reduces CO2 emissions and production costs.

New and improved battery technology is important in combating climate change. For a world where all vehicles are electric and fully charged within 10 minutes. A world where electric planes dominate, and phones are smaller and even smarter. This is the world that energizes LeydenJar. And with 70 of the smartest battery scientists and engineers in the world, LeydenJar is ensuring that this future is closer than ever.