PowerD and Ebusco 3.0 are the winners of the Automotive Innovation Award 2021. PowerD, a smart charging solution for fleet managers, won the Services category and Ebusco 3.0, an electrically-powered bus that is 33% lighter thanks to the use of composite materials, left the other entries in the Technology category behind. Jury chairman Jan Peter Balkenende praised not only the winners, but expressly all the entries, because especially in these turbulent times innovation in the field of sustainable mobility is more important than ever.

 This is the fourth time that the prestigious Automotive Innovation Award has been presented. It is a biennial tribute to the innovative strength of the automotive sector in the Netherlands, initiated by a number of prominent organizations. Jury chairman Jan Peter Balkenende: “Especially in these times, when sustainable, innovative mobility is taking off, Dutch innovations are making a difference. Nationally, but also internationally. The quality of the entries was high and that made it difficult for the jury to select the winners. Therefore, on behalf of the entire jury, I would like to offer a heartfelt compliment to all entries.”


The entries were divided into two categories in 2021. In the Services category, PowerD was the winner, leaving behind ALD Move by ALD Automotive, and Hazard Warnings by TomTom. The jury on PowerD: “PowerD is a smart charging solution for fleet managers. By linking all kinds of aspects, PowerD guarantees that 100% of its energy used for charging comes from sustainable sources, and unburdens drivers and fleet managers. Not only does it result in a lower energy bill for the customer, but it also ensures a more even load on the electricity grid. In short, PowerD is a service that offers benefits to the user and ensures cleaner and smarter energy use. A deserved winner in our opinion.”

Oscar Westerhof of PowerD: “The fact that the jury has chosen PowerD as the winner is the crowning glory of our work; it will help us to open doors. We are a young company, only 18 months old. The fact that we have won underlines the fact that we are on the right track. We are working to make every electric kilometer sustainable. First in the Netherlands and soon also internationally. Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom: we are on our way. There too they will find that PowerD is the logical next step to be even more sustainable while driving.”


Ebusco 3.0
In the Technology category Ebusco 3.0 was the winner. The jury on this choice: “We know Ebusco but Ebusco 3.0 is completely new. This electrically-powered bus is 33% lighter than a conventional bus due to the use of composite materials. That results in lower energy consumption and a greater range per charge. Electric buses are now an indispensable part of public transport, especially in urban areas. So as a jury we are pleased to see that there is plenty of innovation in this field by Dutch companies. After all, public transport is sustainable, so sustainable public transport is the next step. Ebusco 3.0 shows that the Netherlands is leading the way in this field.”

Peter Bijvelds of Ebusco: “Ebusco has been on the road to making public transport more sustainable since 2010. 3.0 is the result of experience and bringing together knowledge from different disciplines. It is the most innovative bus in the world. From the Netherlands. And it contributes to a healthier planet. At present, 1 in 5 buses is electric, but we are going to accelerate the transition, because ultimately our bus is cheaper. And that’s important, because ‘Green is nice, as long as it does not affect the price’.”