YOR24 is an advanced, independent mobility platform that gives employers and employees insight into their use of modes of transportation and providers. The system is unique: employees can make use of all mobility services that the employer makes available. The use is automatically checked against the travel policy, and a distinction can be made between private and business transactions. By linking systems from the employer and all of the associated mobility providers, the YOR24 has created an environment where business travel can be fully managed and facilitated according to the travel policy. That not only makes you a modern employer, it also saves a lot of time and hassle. All information and cost flows of the mobility providers are accessible in one place so that the financial settlement of travel costs is organized flawlessly and effectively. The employee thus enjoys maximum freedom in the use of transportation options and the employer has a grip on the costs of all business travel.

YOR24 is also future-proof. The mobility platform responds to the growing number of providers of mobility services. The platform is scalable and flexible (new initiatives like Uber or services not yet in existence are easy to add or replace). The platform is also independent and is prepared for the surge in data and the increasingly ambitious sustainability objectives (YOR24 processes all data from all providers). In short, YOR24 makes travel and work easy.