Vaulut is a payment platform for the Internet of Things. We enable companies to add secure micropayments and data transactions to their smart devices, unlocking new business models for connected devices and machine-to-machine interactions.

As vehicles are turning into digital platforms, they will be able to pay autonomously for parking, tolls, charging, data and other services. But they will also be able to make money by selling valuable data they generate about road hazards, road conditions, traffic warnings, etc., or by selling excess capacity in their batteries.

Breakthrough technologies that have enabled vehicles to become connected, electric and increasingly autonomous are challenging traditional business models in the mobility space on a daily basis. These technologies will drive the amount of data and financial transactions. How to securely monetize connected solutions in mobility is a critical question in the industry today.

Our IoT payment platform helps businesses overcome those challenges by adding secure micropayments and data transactions to their smart device so they can create new business models that meet today’s customer expectations. It is a developer-centric solution that enables developers to build new and improved services through a software development kit that can be installed on a smart device, enabling it to perform transactions itself.