The Tribus Movitas 100% electric is a modular bus with a length that varies between 8.1 and 11.85 meters, intended for use in public transport. The bus has a powerful, modern and well thought-out design and was developed in cooperation with Haverkamp Engineering and Steketee Design. Unlike most conventional buses, the Tribus Movitas 100% electric is built around the battery packs (e.g. in the floor). This enables a much lighter construction. The bus chassis and frame have been built with durable ferritic stainless steel. The bus has a fully flat floor in the passenger area, with a steered rear axle to achieve a short turning radius (Optibelt, Heijen). Each model can be equipped with a door system (Ventura, Bolsward), both on the left and right sides. The dashboard can also be installed on the left or right so that the bus can also be sold in countries with left-hand traffic.

The bus has double glass, a heat pump system for cooling and heating, floor heating (Heveac, Nuenen) and heated seats. The windows in the driver’s cab are electrically heated and the windshield is equipped with a UV filter. The bus has solar panels on the roof to support the 24V system. For additional energy savings, a hydraulic spring and damper system has been installed.