Tranzer is an application to buy public transport tickets or easily book a bike, shared car or taxi. Travelers can thus easily plan, compare and pay for their mobility. Tickets are immediately available in the app. All of the various systems, ticket options, prices and validation methods of carriers all over the world are combined in one API.

Many large, customer-facing apps and mobility service providers use the Tranzer platform via an API. It is an agnostic system, that is, it connects to the carriers’ systems so that the validation process in Tranzer is fully aligned with theirs.

Once the Tranzer app is downloaded and an account is created, a customer can organize mobility in an app of their choice. A business traveler can buy tram tickets in the app of their favorite airline. And a taxi ride can be booked just as easily with a mobile banking app. All options for traveling from A to B, fair and clear in an app of your choice on your own smartphone.