The TLEX platform is a highly scalable platform designed to connect roadside equipment to information brokers, the automotive industry, road authorities and ultimately road users. All of this bi-directionally, continuously, in real-time and vendor independent. TLEX connects all Dutch smart traffic lights to road users and road authorities: informing road users, prioritizing traffic and optimizing traffic flow with the first countrywide implementation worldwide. TLEX is also being used in a number of international pilots and showcases.

Roadside equipment, information brokers and roadside authorities are securely connected to the TLEX in the cloud. Status and planning messages are exchanged bi-directionally and in real-time in standardized message formats (ETSI). TLEX benefits all stakeholders in the smart mobility ecosystem:
• Enables the automotive industry to improve safety, driver experience and comfort for next generation car drivers and the next generation driverless cars
• Road authorities can improve traffic flow and implement and analyze traffic policies (e.g. priority for specific target groups) based on detailed real-time traffic data without implementing expensive roadside communication systems
• System integrators can leverage the data to develop innovative solutions
The TLEX platform makes mobility smarter, safer, cheaper and more sustainable.