Every car driver has to deal with low tire pressure at some point. Pumping up the tire is only possible at gas stations, and is often not free. BOVAG, however, has found that 90% of drivers then drive off with the wrong – and too low – pressure. By installing free tire pumps in smart spots like grocery stores, DIY stores, garden centers and large companies, 800 million euros of unnecessary costs could be saved. This can prevent many accidents which cause damage, wounded passengers or even death.

The Smart Tire Pump is free and is entirely solar powered, making it easy and cheap to install without the necessity of laying cables. Using the pump’s touch screen, the driver can enter the vehicle’s license plate number and then immediately receive instructions on the right tire pressure for the type of car. The screen shows the pressure measured and how many liters of fuel/euros have been saved – an average 25 euros per check. It also automatically warns the driver in the case of a potential leak by showing this tire problem on the touch screen.

In short, the Smart Tire Pump is a win for traffic safety, the environment, and the wallet of every driver (an average saving of €100 per year). It is also a nice additional service for supermarkets and other companies to give their customers a good and lasting impression.