The “smart” tire pressure gauge on the N279 (Asten-Veghel route) uses sensors in the road to signal irregularities in the tire pressure of semi-trucks. Since September 2020, drivers can receive a notification on the Truckmeister app. Low tire pressure is a common cause of semi-truck breakdowns. Warning drivers increases their awareness. This has a positive effect on the prevention of blowouts and punctures, improving road safety and traffic flow. In addition, the right tire pressure reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

Per day, an average 15 trucks with dangerously abnormal tire pressure pass the measuring point, which was constructed together with Heijmans. A VMS board warns truck drivers on the spot, and more detailed information can be found in the Truckmeister app. Through this app, drivers can see which tire is affected. Like smart traffic lights, the company uses current talking traffic technology. This makes it possible to connect to other measuring systems, for example for the weight and height of a truck. In the future, the company wants to inform drivers, prior to reaching the last exit before a viaduct or tunnel, if their truck is not suitable for the viaduct or tunnel, so that drivers can choose another route in time. But first the information service around the tire pressure gauge will be expanded. Be-Mobile is currently developing an interface to make this information available in real time for planners and fleet managers, for example.

In short, the tire pressure gauge offers benefits to business owners, drivers, road users and the environment. The N279 is the first provincial road with a smart tire pressure gauge. More locations in the south of the Netherlands will follow.