Welzorg, part of the Louwman Group, introduces the smart mobility scooter. Data from the mobility scooter is collected through a device, and using Narrowband-IoT is sent and saved to a data platform. From that data platform, information is made available in order to serve customers. With the smart mobility scooter, the company increases the mobility and self-reliance of users at responsible costs, so that the costs for our clients (municipalities) do not unexpectedly increase.

With the smart mobility scooter, it is possible to remotely determine the technical state of the device by “reading” the scooter, as it were. This provides the following information:

  • Insight into potential problems, based on error codes. This enables us to help customers remotely resolve such errors immediately;
  • Insight into the state of the battery, for example, if there is a problem with the female end of the charging plug. In this way, we can always send a mechanic out with the right part, so that we can carry out the repair in one go;
  • Insight into how the mobility scooter is used. For example, we can see whether the mobility scooter is being properly charged by the user. With such information, we can advise users in order to prevent possible problems in the future.

The advantages are obvious. Users experience fewer problems with their mobility scooter, and if there are problems, they will be resolved more quickly. Clients (municipalities) can guarantee a higher degree of mobility for their residents, and manufacturers can learn from the smart mobility scooter in terms of product development. In addition, Welzorg employees can offer customers more solutions over the phone, and it yields cost savings in terms of maintenance. Carefree travel thanks to the smart mobility scooter from Louwman Group!