As a pioneering product, TomTom RoadCheck is used by automakers to determine when, where and under what conditions vehicles can safely activate automated driving functions. Safe automated driving is a challenging concept, especially during adverse weather conditions, tunnels, or roadworks.
RoadCheck is an innovative tool that uses highly detailed TomTom HD Map data and OEM fleet data (e.g. information from car sensors) to help manage the operational design domain (ODD) of an automated vehicle. The ODD defines under what conditions an automated vehicle can safely operate. Improved ODD management therefore leads to fewer car accidents and increased safety for all drivers.

By combining digital map data and specific OEM fleet data, RoadCheck gives AD engineers unique insights and possibilities to improve their automated driving functions. RoadCheck is built to be scalable and to allow OEMs to reuse the same technological infrastructure, but still differentiate the ODD across different car models. RoadCheck gives OEMs the option to build unique and differentiating driving automation functions across different car models, tailoring the use cases to consumer preferences and vehicle hardware.

As an industry-first technology, TomTom RoadCheck is allowing automakers to smartly manage the scenarios and conditions in which vehicles can safely activate automated driving functions in a more efficient way. Acting smarter, safer and more efficiently can easily result in a decrease of road accidents. TomTom RoadCheck is to be launched in North America in 2021 with a customer.