This innovation is a new type of H4 and H7 automotive light source: the Philips X-treme Ultinon LED Gen 2 range. The goal of this product is to offer the customer a brighter, whiter and longer-lifetime product that performs at the automotive OEM level. Compared to the conventional halogen lamp, the product ensures improved visibility, enhanced contrast and up to 250% brighter light.

The Philips X-treme Ultinon LED Gen 2 headlight bulbs feature Lumileds LUXEON Altilon SMD chips. These are specially designed for OEM headlights and provide long lifetime, high reliability and stable light output. The new color temperature of up to 5800 kelvin cool white conforms to OEM standards by meeting automotive LED ECE and SAE color specifications, optimized for visibility and comfort.

Key benefits:
– Customers are able to upgrade headlights to the latest LED technology (brighter and whiter)
– Safety seekers get better vision immediately with an intense bright beam, which makes driving at night easier and will help battle fatigue during long trips
– Easy installation by DIY or at the car dealership
– Garages are able to increase sales by replacing halogen lamps with an instant WOW effect

The product is not yet compliant with all local regulations. For Europe, the LED retrofit light is specially designed and intended for off-road use only.