NEXTdriver gathers data about the state of trucks and the environment around them. Such data, processed by intelligent algorithms, lead to personalized online driver coaching. This results in reduced fuel costs and emissions by up to 10%, safer traffic, and happy and rested drivers.

NEXTdriver targets logistics companies, driver coaching companies, and freelance driving coaches and mentors. Our customers are owners and CEOs of such businesses. NEXTdriver’s primary user is a driver, who receives weekly reports on their driving behavior and personalized advice. A secondary user of NEXTdriver is a fleet manager or a driving coach, who receives weekly statistics, summaries and structured data on which further training can be based.

For small- and medium-sized logistics companies, NEXTdriver provides personalized online driver coaching and summaries for fleet managers. For large-sized logistics companies with in-house driving mentors, driver coaching companies and freelance coaches, we provide a NEXTdriver tooling suite to increase the quality and effectiveness of their coaching. Our software empowers these clients using an intuitive and structured approach to achieve the same results as we deliver to small- and medium-sized logistics companies ourselves.

Our market consists of all professional truck drivers in the European Union. There are approximately 6.3 million trucks in the EU. There are also 31.6 million light commercial vehicles (vans, small trucks) and 0.9 million buses. These vehicles are also relevant for our service, because of their high safety and sustainability impact.