Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing was founded in 2007 from the vision that water is the future fuel of the mobility sector. By developing and driving eight different hydrogen race cars, the Delft Formula Zero Team Foundation aims to prove the use of hydrogen as the fuel of the future. Forze began by building small go-karts and has since grown to develop complete race cars.

The most recent, the Forze VIII, raced in August 2018 in a 60-minute race on just a single hydrogen tank. During this Supercar Challenge, the Forze VIII competed against conventional race cars with gasoline engines. The Forze VIII also broke the lap time record in its class at the Zandvoort racetrack. Under the name Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing, 50 students from TU Delft are working hard on the hydrogen car, with the goal to make it competitive in endurance racing.