The EV Reel is a useful retractor system specially developed to handle and store charging cables for electric vehicles. After charging, place the plug in an opening on the side of the EV Reel. With a simple turn, the cable can be neatly rolled up. The other end of the cable can be fixed to the top of the EV Reel with a clamp. The system has several advantages:

1. Avoids dirty, wet hands from gathering up the charging cable after use
2. Avoids tangled and knotted up charging cables
3. Cables are always easily and neatly stored
4. Extends cord life
5. Saves time when connecting the car to the charging station
6. Promotes safety
7. Prevents dirt and moisture from the cable from getting into the trunk of the car

Once rolled up, the user can store the EV Reel in a specially designed dock. This saves space in the trunk and prevents the cable from shifting while on the road. The EV Reel is designed for cables for type 2 charging stations, the European standard.