The propulsion systems of vehicles will be gradually more and more electrified: from mild hybrid to eventually full electric systems. This allows a significant improvement of the CO2 emissions, without a reduction of the driving range and without a strong dependency of a charging infrastructure. An optimal thermal management is crucial. Thanks to a smart operating strategy of the hybrid propulsion system, the precious electrical energy of the battery pack is preserved for driving, while the internal combustion engine (ICE) is intermittently supporting the propulsion and is simultaneously providing all the needed energy for the cabin heating and window defrosting. Unfortunately, ICE’s waste around 30% of the energy in the exhaust gasses.

BOSAL’s compact lightweight Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery System (EGHR) is able to absorb this wasted heat in the exhaust system and to feed it into the cooling circuit of the engine. This allows the engine to warm up significantly faster, improving emission output. This rapid warm-up of the ICE enables it to be completely turned off faster, enabling a better balanced usage of the ICE and the electric propulsion system, optimizing the electric driving range, CO2 emissions and cabin comfort. Field tests have already shown efficiency improvements of over 10% on hybrid electric vehicles. During extensive use on e.g. highways, the EGHR system can variably switch the waste heat recovery on and off depending on the need.