A totally new, compact and cost-effective hybrid automatic transmission. This transmission is based on the well-known “dual clutch principle” (or DSG by Volkswagen), but we developed an innovative and fundamental improvement that enables an electric engine to become an integral part of the transmission. The electric engine can be a 48 volt low power engine (20 kW) or a high-voltage powerful electric machine (90 kW), while keeping the base transmission the same. The 48V solution furnishes mild hybrid cars (MHEV), saving up to 15% of fuel, and the high-voltage solution is for plug-in hybrid cars (PHEV), saving up to 75% of fuel.
The system targets the growing market of electrification that passenger car OEMs and governments are pursuing. The market potential is huge both in Europe as well as in other large market regions such as Chin and India. The first large supplier contract for millions of units is closed with PSA Groupe.

Punch Powertrain Nederland (previously Drivetrain Innovations, DTI) conceived a new patented way of realizing the dual clutch principle. The resulting transmission is a very compact, lightweight gearbox with a drivability level equal to that of a regular DCT. The best of both worlds is optimally integrated: ultra-efficient dual clutch transmission technology and directly linked electric machines for varying levels of hybridization.