Keysafemanager is a drop-off service for issuing and collecting car keys. Along the A2, there is a parking lot with a small, concrete building which collects keys for cars that have come for maintenance and dispenses keys for replacement vehicles. There is a self-service unit on the outside of the building, and inside a certified key safe fitted with a digital key dispenser and collection unit. Keysafemanager uses new, self-developed technology on both the software and hardware sides. The concrete structure is also our own design. The product is available as a standalone solution as well as an integrated model. It is a complete solution for dispensing and collecting car keys.

The end user is no longer subject to opening times for bringing and picking up vehicles for repair, rental or other services. The advantage for the automotive sector is its grouping of vehicles (efficiency) and automatic dispensing service without the need for personnel (savings). For society, it is a sustainable solution because it reduces the number of kilometers driven for pick-up and drop-off.