DriveTag helps drivers reduce their fuel use by up to 30% by upgrading their driving style. Good for the wallet, good for the environment! DriveTag is a small, powerful device that you pair with your smartphone. It measures how you drive (but doesn’t judge you) and gives you real-time feedback via the DriveTag app. It also keeps scores and shows your performance and achievements over time. There is a ton of technology involved, but the ease of use is phenomenal. You simply stick the DriveTag to your windshield, download the app, and off you go! DriveTag will coach the driver towards an energy efficient and safe driving style. We call this “mindful driving”, and it has the potential to have a real impact on climate change and overall road safety when we all do this together. DriveTag makes it incredibly easy for drivers to cut carbon emissions.

It’s easy to use, and its gamification and social sharing elements are designed to motivate you keep improving your drivestyle. The more companies join in, the bigger the impact we’ll have!