SD-Insights delivers a digital driver’s trainer to help professional drivers develop and improve safe driving behavior. It uses image sensor technology from autonomous vehicles and it takes a smart behavioral approach. SD-Insights collects data from the image sensor and combines this with data from the CANbus and a self-developed algorithm to detect driver behavior. Examples include swerving, keeping a safe distance and using the indicator when changing lanes. Drivers receive personalized feedback, and the team manager receives anonymized information on the entire group.

Through the partly automated personal contact, SD-Insights can improve driving behavior by up to 40%. The data also provides insights into the kinds of circumstances that lower performance levels, for example work stress or bad planning. SD-Insights wants to replace current non-effective ‘code95’ trainings. The ultimate goal is to extend the drive when necessary and possible, and to shorten it when unsafe. As such, SD-Insights complements the development of truck platooning and its business case. This approach provides employers with sustainably deployable employees and thus continuity. It also helps reduce mobility costs thanks to lower fuel consumption, cheaper premiums, less wear and tear, and fewer breakdowns. The collected data also indicates whether the infrastructure is appropriate for autonomous vehicles and provides insights into near-miss situations. In short, smart use of tomorrow’s vehicle technology to improve traffic safety today.