Regular fleet maintenance is essential for company reliability and employee safety. It also entails significant costs, up to €1,000 per year per car. For larger delivery trucks and semis, the costs simply multiply.

With the help of the Geotab technology (an OBD dongle), Moove has developed a unique (eco)system that gives large(r) European fleet managers (of 250 vehicles or more) a better handle on the health of their fleets. Using vehicle data, Moove automatically manages all of the partners in the maintenance-chain so that fleet managers can save heavily on maintenance costs. Moove also prevents vehicle breakdown, improves stock management and increases company reliability. And last but not least: Moove actively contributes to the safety of the driver. By actively monitoring error codes, like low battery voltage, low liquid levels or parts wear, Moove can prevent dangerous situations from happening.

Moove combines efficiency, ease of use and reliability. The platform makes sure that vehicles undergo maintenance at the right time, and that all partners in the maintenance chain are connected and actively work together.