Driving a car gives the elderly a sense of freedom, independence and flexibility. But older drivers do face greater risks behind the wheel due to their greater vulnerability and the deterioration of physical functions. For this reason, the KBO-PCOB senior citizens’ organization has developed a number of international services that help older drivers to continue driving as pleasantly and safely as possible, including the MyRoad navigation app.

Because elderly drivers adjust their driving behavior by driving slower and avoiding crowded situations, the MyRoad navigation app was developed together with senior citizens. This app guides the driver to any destination in the most comfortable way. The user indicates in which situations they feel comfortable and which situations they would rather avoid. These situations can be, for example, highways, unlit streets and unclear intersections. Thanks to the advanced algorithm, no more than 25% of the estimated time of arrival is added to the proposed route, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. MyRoad always offers personalized routes and tips that ensure a more enjoyable and stress-free ride.

The use of MyRoad can greatly benefit society. Not only are senior citizens supported in staying  mobile longer, but the app can also contribute to reducing emissions. Moreover, the anonymized data resulting from the use of CARA products can contribute to new policies.

In summary, the MyRoad app can:

  • increase elderly mobility and enable them to remain independent for longer;
  • identify stressful and problematic sites in the infrastructure;
  • reduce automobile emissions.