De AutoMakelaar is responding with an innovative car sales formula to the consumer who wants more money for his car. Many consumers who have their car valued at various car sales sites and dealers, find the (trade-in) bid on the car too low. The alternative is to sell yourself, but that takes a lot of effort and time. De AutoMakelaar has the solution for both parties.

With a reliable network and a wide range of partner showrooms, the car is placed for sale at a showroom that specializes in the brand and the price range of the car. Because of their specialization and professional image they know how to attract the best paying buyer. De AutoMakelaar puts the car in consignment, so the showroom requires less margin and more money remains for the consumer.

The consumer calculates the current value of his car on This value is equal to alternative sales platforms. Due to the new sales formula, however, 15% more money is left for the consumer. Would the consumer prefer the sales result directly? That is also possible, then the consumer will receive the daily value + 5% extra benefit immediately at his first appointment.
Customers of Dé AutoMakelaar always know in advance where they stand: they are nowhere fixed and there are no costs charged for the service, fair as it is!