Bynco is the Netherlands’ first website to exclusively sell used cars online. Customers can search, view, rate, order and pay for a car at, and then have the car delivered to them at home. provides everything you need to know about the car and shows detailed images of the entire car. Customer service is available 7 days a week until late in the night, 365 days a year. The availability of customer service until later in the day is especially important for many customers because it gives them the chance to ask questions at times when a dealer would normally be closed. also offers security. For example, if the car does not meet the customer’s expectations when delivered, it can simply be returned. Specialists take plenty of time with customers to check the car together, explain all of the options and accessories, and arrange all of the administration, like payment and registration, on site. The price is already fixed, and includes warranty, maintenance, vehicle inspection and a full tank. Bynco is also the only provider of a safe payment solution for customers. All customer payments are parked on an independent third-party account. And to top it all off, the customer can test drive the car in their own environment for up to 14 days. Unsatisfied? Then they just pick the car up again and the customer gets back the full purchase price. So no surprises.