To offer a safe and comfortable journey, self-driving vehicles will need a fast and reliable way to access the latest location, environmental and route information provided by the TomTom High-Definition (HD) Map.

TomTom AutoStream offers a highly efficient and flexible map delivery mechanism to deliver the TomTom HD Map to autonomous vehicles. With AutoStream, an autonomous vehicle can use the HD Map to build a horizon for the road ahead by automatically streaming the latest map data from the TomTom cloud. This improves the self-driving functionality as the map complements the vehicle’s own sensors, accurately positioning the vehicle in a lane and comfortably planning its path.

AutoStream achieves this by providing a map-access API and an on-board software component to ensure the autonomous driving system always has the latest map data to power advanced driving applications. Its design is flexible to allow customers to customize the map data stream based on criteria such as sensor configuration and horizon length.