Every year, University Racing Eindhoven (URE) builds a fully electric, formula-style race car that can accelerate from 0-100 km/h within 2.3 seconds. The goal is to design, build, test and race this race car in an international design competition featuring over 700 teams. This year, URE is building the Benelux’s first autonomous race car.

This new challenge will push our knowledge of building electric race cars to its limits, as we will continue to develop the other areas of our car. The car will be made autonomous by adding LiDAR and stereo camera sensors to the car. These sensors will collect data about the track the car is driving on, which will be merged using our self-built software. The computer in the car will then determine the optimal route and use the car’s actuators to steer and power the car. This will push the current technology in autonomous driving to the limits by corning with 2.5g. As history has shown, motorsport is the breeding place for new technologies. By pushing the technology to the limits, it will be improved for the “normal” user.