With Athlon Flex, an employee arranges their (electric) lease car before their first day of work. And if something changes in their life: bigger family, vacation or a new project? Then the employee can change to a different car at no extra cost. And in every car segment, there is always a choice. From a Volkswagen ID3 to a Polestar 2. But Athlon Flex goes beyond just the car. Employees can also lease a VanMoof e-Bike, starting at 1 month. And just like the car, it is picked up and delivered at no extra cost, and the employee can stop after just one month. Very flexible.

The starting point is the mobility budget and the Athlon Flex app where the employee arranges everything. If an employee wants to save costs for a while by choosing a smaller car or no car at all, that is possible. In the summer, the money saved up can be used for a spacious vacation car. This way an employee can drive electric when possible, but easily switch to gasoline when necessary! And on days when public or shared transport is a better travel option, the employee can simply plan the trip in the app and buy a ticket. This is then settled with the employer. No more travel allowances or expense claims.

The world is changing. We no longer buy movies or CDs, but use Spotify and Netflix. Employee mobility is changing, too. And faster than ever since the coronavirus pandemic. New generations of employees no longer want to be tied down. Not to a “job for life”, but also not to a single lease car. It is time to offer your employees mobility that adapts to their careers. An employee who can arrange everything themself: from their first day of work to their last. All costs and contracts end on their last day. This ensures that employers spend less time and money on mobility. And all the while, with the Athlon Flex app, employees experience the flexible mobility that fits today’s world!