Amber is a car sharing platform with a fleet of 100% electric BMW i3s for business users. Drivers download the Amber app to easily reserve, unlock, start, park and charge a car. Amber stands for 100% ride guarantee, 100% electric, 100% hassle-free and 100% by and for the driver. Amber also makes things easier for employers. At any given moment, and to and from any given location, employees can use a car at acceptable rates. Selecting and managing cars and stress about parking are things of the past. Amber works with flexible contracts and a clear dashboard, and delivers savings of up to 75% on travel costs.

It is also sustainable mobility: 100% electric with no CO2 emissions. Our pilots have shown that once you’ve switched to Amber, you never go back. One by one, our testers became regular users – now totaling around 1,000. Amber is the answer to traffic jams on the Dutch highways and stationary fleets. Our mission is to bring more shared electric cars to the business market, so that cars no longer stand still and take up parking space. Ownership is out. Sharing is the new owning!