ALD Move is a mobility platform that gives users daily mobility advice based on their personal schedule and real-time data such as weather and traffic. The algorithm for the advice also incorporates business objectives such as CO2 reduction, vitality or cost reduction. Users also get access to a personal mobility garage that can be equipped with a car, bicycle or public transport as desired. Users gain insight into the impact of their mobility choices, the available budget and travel history. ALD Move is the first Dutch MaaS B2B mobility platform that fully aligns with the goals of the company and its users.

ALD Move is also referred to as a “steering wheel for mobility”. With ALD Move, employers have the opportunity to offer more freedom of choice in mobility to employees, while maintaining control over mobility usage in combination with streamlined processes and dashboards. Through a smart mobility credit system, they can stimulate and reward certain travel behavior. All results so far show that ALD Move is capable of realizing behavioral change and therefore offers an opportunity for companies to perpetuate corporate goals in the areas of sustainability, vitality and productivity.

With ALD Move, ALD Automotive sets a new standard in business mobility and offers one of the most developed Mobility as a Service apps for the B2B market. The company knows how to connect the goals of companies and users, and with that can realize real change in the field of smarter, more flexible and sustainable travel.