A2B sharing provides mobility sharing solutions for living, working and overnight trips. Employers, employees and private individuals can use the platform to travel from A to B in an effective, flexible and sustainable way. The A2B app gives the user access to a platform where they can choose, book and use a preferred mobility solution. Users get a three-fold guarantee: you always travel safely, your trip is never canceled, and your trip always ends at your destination.

A2B sharing is based on mobility as a service rather than as something owned. Sharing is at its core: sometimes a car, sometimes a bike, sometimes a scooter, and a combination of all three is also possible. Travelers experience a large range of choice and flexibility. Users can pick between models, types and colors. A2B sharing is also working to add other mobility solutions, such as public transport, taxis and autonomous cars. The advantages of shared mobility are clear: fewer kilometers, more effective use, improved urban livability, less pressure on parking lots, and behavioral incentives to travel less, greener, and differently. A2B sharing also believes in giving something back to society, which is why we hire individuals who have a disadvantage in the labor market.