An expert jury has selected fifteen innovations out of 38 submissions to compete in the semifinals of the Automotive Innovation Award 2019. The nominations are equally divided between the categories Technology, Services and Challenging Concepts. With the announcement of the semifinalists, the innovation awards for the Dutch automotive sector comes one step closer to the grand finale on February 11, 2019.

Nearly all of the products and services that qualify for the most important automotive innovation prize of the Netherlands play into current trends in mobility: sustainable mobility and connectivity. In the Technology category, three of the five nominations entail hybrid or electric transportation. In Services, four of the five nominations offer a digital platform for applications ranging from shared scooters to smart traffic management. Rising automotive talent, under the Challenging Concepts category, also place a great deal of attention on zero-emissions transportation.

Thorough analysis
Following thorough analysis and consideration, the jury has selected fifteen submissions to compete for the Automotive Innovation Award 2019. Listed alphabetically by category, these are:

In the Technology category:

  • AutoStream (TomTom), a streaming service with high-definition maps for autonomous vehicles;
  • DT2 (Punch Powertrain Nederland), a cost-effective, new and compact transmission system that works with several types of hybrid engines;
  • EGHRS (BOSAL), a lightweight heat-recovery system for hybrid vehicles;
  • EX-CORE (Donkervoort), a patented carbon fiber technology that makes it possible to more quickly manufacture lighter and stronger automotive parts;
  • Tribus (Tribus), a modular, fully-electric bus, 8.1 to 11.85 meters long, for public transport.

In the Services category:

  • Advanced Analytics Platform (Crossyn), a platform that gives drivers and service providers access to detailed information about connected cars;
  • Felyx (Felyx), an app platform for the use and sharing of electric scooters in urban areas;
  • TLEX (Monotch), a platform that connects roadside equipment with road users for real-time traffic information exchange;
  • VIN Ledger (Koopman Logistics), digitalization of the entire logistics process through blockchain to make the logistics chain more transparent and to prevent fraud;
  • YOR24 (YOR24), a platform for both employees and employers that provides insight into mobility options and suppliers in one place.

In the Challenging Concepts category:

  • Autonomous Racing (University Racing Eindhoven), a fully-electric autonomous race car built by students at TU Eindhoven;
  • Econamiq (Econamiq), a process that more effectively recovers residual gases from internal combustion engines;
  • Forze Hydrogen (Stichting Formula Zero Delft), a hydrogen-powered electric race car that demonstrates the potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel for sustainable racing;
  • Lightyear One (Lightyear), the world’s first commercial “native” solar-powered car, developed by former Solar Challenge teams from TU Eindhoven;
  • Voertuigbewijs (RDW), a vehicle registration system that indicates whether an autonomous car can join traffic in a safe and predictable way.

The organization is pleased with the list of nominees. “The high quality of the submissions confirms the innovative power of the Dutch automotive sector,” says Peter Niesink, director of BOVAG and chair of the board of the Automotive Innovation Award Foundation. “This award puts an important spotlight on our automotive sector as an international frontrunner.”

Nine finalists
The nominees have been invited to present their work to the expert jury. All of the candidates will be subjected to a series of critical questions. Based on the nominees’ answers and presentations, the jury will then select three innovations per category for the finale. The finalists will be announced in mid-December, and the awards ceremony for the Automotive Innovation Award 2019 will take place during an exclusive dinner on February 11, 2019 at the Louwman Museum in The Hague.

AIA fosters innovation
The Automotive Innovation Award is an initiative of ANWB, RAI Vereniging, BOVAG, LeasePlan Netherlands, AutomotiveNL and Roland Berger. This prestigious award was introduced to raise awareness of one of the most influential sectors in the Netherlands and to help foster innovation. The Dutch automotive manufacturing and service industry provides employment to more than 120,000 people and represents a total turnover of more than 65 billion euros a year.